For environmental subjects, we recently intensified its partnership with an external party that has constructed, monitored and managed the wastewater treatment plant at our dyeing mill from the very beginning. Furthermore, they oversee the different environmental permits, applications, related follow up, and collaborate with us on fulfilling specific customer demands related to environmental topics.

To decrease its environmental impact, we have established collaborations with several local organizations that recycle and upcycle our production wastage. For this purpose, different materials are collected on a regular basis such as paper, tube lights, needles, swatches and plastics. New connections and collaborations are constantly developed for further improvement of this program.

On the factory premises in Antsirabe, we invested in and manage a plant nursery. Young plants have been donated over the last years to the Environmental Ministry’s reforestation program. A delegation of Flexknit employees has recently participated in a company reforestation activity on a designated terrain close to Antananarivo. Currently, the possibilities to execute tree planting activities during the next upcoming years on a specific terrain are being researched.