The beautiful southeastern African island Madagascar is renowned for its unique biodiversity that makes it one of the most precious world nature’s paradises. But what is less known to the world is that the country also has a very successful export-oriented knitwear industry in compliance with world production standards. Furthermore, the good water quality and low humidity makes the country a great spot for manufacturing products made from high-end sensitive fibres such as cashmere. Industrial textile production started about 25 years ago in Madagascar, mainly in Antananarivo and its surroundings.

Since then, it has become clear that Malagasy people have a lot of abilities, potential and talent when it comes to producing high quality textile products. This textile production significantly contributes to the economic growth and development of Madagascar and represents around 15% of all exported products. Furthermore, women particularly benefit from the development in the textile and garment industry as they usually have few formal employment opportunities outside this industry