Health and Safety


Good work conditions are essential to maintain the wellbeing and safety of our workers and contribute to good performance. Various activities and programs are installed to assure a clean and safe working environment:

  • The production area is occupied daily by a cleaning crew daily and sanitized regularly.
  • Every month there are professional interventions against rats and insects.
  • First aid boxes are installed throughout the factory buildings and every department has first aid employees that are trained by the medical service on a yearly basis.
  • Daily inspections are made to determine potentially dangerous situations.
  • A Health, Safety and Environmental committee helps to identify subjects for improvement, of which 87% projects have been realized in 2017.
  • Employees that are exposed to increased risks during their work are supplied with protective equipment and trained on the hazards and preventative measures such as handling specific machines, chemical products, personal protective gear and so on.
  • Fire drills are organized several times per year, the buildings and floor layout are certified by the fire brigade and appropriately designed for emergency evacuation.
Health Care

Health and well-being of our employees is of great importance to us.

Our employees can visit the on-site medical service at any time. They can be treated for minor ailments, receive information about family planning or medication on prescription and obtain referral notes for further examination in a medical center if necessary. The employees receive all necessary medications free of charge and visit the medial team regularly for routine and prevention checkups.

Besides the educational actions, the medical service also provides lunch talks on health-related topics (illness prevention, dental care, the importance of good nutrition and drinking water and so on). Next to water filtering system, that provide hot and cold drinking water, we distribute fruit, boiled eggs or yoghurt several times per week.