Through the long work experience, proven efficiency and the advantage of duty free export, Flexknit developed into a full package production and sourcing company offering production throughout the year. We are aware that research, innovation and proactive thinking are important elements for high-quality products.
Our partners can rely on our highly experienced sales, merchandise and design team for support during the entire production process.


Our Sales Team

  • Providing local support for easy communication and reachability in the center of Germany
  • Visiting yarn- and garment-fairs worldwide to keep up with the latest trends
  • Relying on many years of experience in retail and the textile industry
  • Have technical know-how to discuss the individual developments with our partners


Our Design Team

  • Gathered long time work experience for different labels
  • Able to satisfy individual customer requests from luxury- to commercial-brands
  • Preparing collection update on a monthly basis to offer current and trendy styles
  • Using and playing with their technical knowhow and creativity to follow the latest fashion trends


Our Merchandise Team

  • Acting on the spot
  • Work in a central communication office
  • Able to translate all ideas into the final product
  • Have profound knowledge of the textile industry
  • Support our clients to source all sort of accessories

Madagascar is renowned for excellent performance in diverse craftsmanship techniques which is based on the long tradition of artisanry. Flexknit employs some of the most highly skilled workers in the country and they are an important factor for the high-quality products, especially in hand embroidery and crochet.

To round up the profile we offer many modern technology services (machine embroidery, rubber print, patches application, flocking, hot fix and sequins application) next to the more traditional hand knitting techniques.