We constantly invest in new technology to guarantee high performance and excellent quality.

The machine park is consisted of both hand flat and computerized knitting machines such as the latest generation of ADF knitting machines by Stoll, standard Stoll machines, as well as machines by Long Xing and by Zhi Heng. Besides the real gauge machines (1,5-3-5-7-9-12-14-16) we can offer all kinds of tensions though our multi gauge machines.

We have an immense experience with all basic knitting structures such as Tuck, Waffle, Honeycomb, Jersey and Heavy Jersey, Shaker, Seed, Ripple, Rickrack, Rib, Pineapple, Moss, Milano, Mesh Pattern, Herringbone, Garter, Faggot, Embossed Knitting, Cable, Jacquard and many more.

constant innovation and research

Besides the well-known proficiency in essential knitwear styles and structures, we constantly work on new developments that push the knitting machines to their limit.

Intricate Intarsia
Complicated multi-color graphics are now available as Intarsia, using our machines that have up to 32 yarn feeders. The result is a light-weight product without compromising the quality of the graphic and avoiding the thickness of standard jacquards.

Print-like Effects
The design of our print-like knits is facilitated by using the latest technical developments of the plating knitting technique. This is especially suitable for colorful graphics and designer artworks.

Weft Knitting
Various knitting techniques for weft inserts of yarn result in woven-like knitted fabrics with woven-like properties. The horizontally inserted yarn reduces the flexibility of the knitted fabric, that enables its use for more endurable and shape-steady products.