Knitting Factory Antsirabe

The first Flexknit factory was opened in 2001 in the city of Antsirabe, located 167 km south of the capital Antananarivo. The factory is specialised in hand flat knitting and hand embroidery and employs approximately 1.500 employees. The yearly production capacity is around 450.000 pieces. A new building is currently under construction to expand the factory and will be equipped with computerized flat knitting machines.

Knitting Factory Antananarivo

The second factory in Antananarivo opened in 2002 and functions as the company’s head office and main production site. Besides hand flat knitting machines this factory also works with the latest generation computerized knitting machines from Germany and China. The yearly production capacity is more than 1.000.000 pieces and the factory currently employs approximately 1.800 employees.

Dyeing Mill Antananarivo

To offer its clients a complete package, a dyeing facility was opened in 2008 in Antananarivo. The mill is specialised in high quality dyeing of a large variety of yarns such as cotton, wool, viscose and various blends. We are able to dye up to 1.600.000 kgs of yarn per year. The mill has a fully equipped laboratory for colour testing, lab dips and colour analysis of light and colour fastness.The types of dyeing and washing treatments we offer areSingle dye, double dye, pigment dye, yarn dye, piece dye and acid wash.

The used chemicals and dyeing procedures follow the national environmental regulations as well as international requirements. To decrease its environmental impact, the Flexknit factories have on-site units for wastewater treatment, participate in reforestation projects and undertake other green initiatives such as upcycling and recycling wastage.